2017-2-26 22:42:32

Healthy skin is here to stay!

Our ten finalists have completed their 28-day journey with Kiehl's. View their stories below and find out how they keep their skin rejuvenated.

Announcing our lucky candidates for the 28-day #HelpMeKiehls Campaign!

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Phuah Yi An

22, Law Student

Skin Concern: Scarring

Being a law student is hard enough, but Yi An also found that her facial scars heal slower than usual. Kiehl’s is on a mission to put her skin back on the right track for faster recovery!

What Did They Use?

Kuan Yi Wen


Skin Concern: Sensitivity & Redness

Prone to redness and sometimes sensitivity? Yi Wen is now enjoying the perks of calmed skin! See her skin change with Kiehl’s Dermatologist Solutions gentle formulas!

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Nur Ashikin Yaakub

26, Engineer

Skin Concern: Clogged Pores & Acne

Nur Ashikin, a thriving engineer isn’t going to let environment harm her skin! She now protects her skin from harsh chemicals and heat by using anti-oxidant rich products to keep her skin protected all day long.

What Did They Use?

Lee Ker Shin

24, Graphics Designer

Skin Concern: Oil Control & Acne

Tired of being wrongly self-diagnosed, Ker Shin left it to the Kiehl’s experts to recommend the best regimen for her! She is now on the right path to radiant, dewy skin!

What Did They Use?

Zurina Omar

33, Free Lancer

Skin Concern: Pigmentation & Dullness

As we age, our skin naturally loses the ability to produce moisture to keep our skin plump and fresh. Zurina here, is keeping her skin hydrated and rejuvenated, proving that age is just a number!

What Did They Use?

Maleni Devadas


Skin Concern: Acne & scarring

After looking high and low, experimenting with countless products, Maleni has finally found a skincare regimen that works for her and she is loving it!

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Derrick Nyeoh


Skin Concern: Acne, Oil Control & Scarring

Who says men can’t love skincare? Derrick has combatted his previously dull skin and now has clear, smooth, hydrated skin!

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Siti Yuliandi

28, Masters Student

Skin Concern: Enlarged Pores & Acne

Siti, who tries her best to maintain her healthy lifestyle, now has her healthy skin regimen sorted out for her by Kiehl’s as well!

What Did They Use?

Kang Chen Fuan


Skin Concern: Aging & Oil Control

Did you know, men have thicker skin than women? Chen Fuan here shows you his experience in Kiehl’s men’s range for all skin types, whether oily, dry or combination!

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Amalina binti Abdul Halim

22, Student

Skin Concern: Acne

Meet Amalina, a bright and talented student whose goal is to achieve healthy, blemish-free skin. With the help from Kiehl’s, she is slowly heading towards the path of make-up free clear skin!

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