Kiehl’s Guarantees Healthier Skin in 28 Days!

Kiehl’s took 10 people with varying skin concerns on a 28-day journey to see visibly improved skin. What are your skin concerns? Find similar concerns below and witness their transformation!

All photos were not retouched in any way

Phuah Yi An

Age: 22

Skin Concern: Scarring

Yi An is a law student concerned with the slow recovery of post acne scars. Apart from helping Yi An with her primary concern – to lighten her scars, we provided Yi An with a regimen that will improve her overall skin health, as well as prevent the development of new acne.

What Did They Use?

Kuan Yi Wen

Age: 27

Skin Concern: Sensitivity & Redness

Prone to redness, Yi Wen struggles to find something to help her cope with sensitive skin. She now has experienced calmed and soothed skin through our Dermatologist Solutions formulas. Witness her transformation.

What Did They Use?

Nur Ashikin Yaakub

Age: 26

Skin Concern: Clogged Pores & Acne

In her job as an Engineer, Ashikin's is exposed to harsh and harmful environment, detrimental to her skin. To help her skin cope with the effect of the environment, we provided Ashikin with an anti-oxidant rich detoxifying regimen. Her skin has improved and she is now comfortable to be without makeup!

What Did They Use?

Lee Ker Shin

Age: 24, Graphic Designer

Skin Concern: Clogged Pores & Acne

Tired of being wrong with her self-diagnosis, Ker Shin reached out to see improved skin in 28 days. She shares her favorite product in her regimen, and her most noticeable improvement with us!

What Did They Use?

Zurina Omar

Age: 33, Free Lancer

Skin Concern: Pigmentation & Dullness

Zurina suffers from premature aging, resulting in pigmentation and dull skin. Witness noticeable difference as she shares the results of her 28-day journey to reverse the signs of aging.

What Did They Use?

Melani Devadas

Age: 22

Skin Concern: Acne & scarring

Maleni has been has long been experimenting with countless products to find a skincare regimen that works for her skin. Hear what she has to say about what she found with Kiehl’s.

What Did They Use?

Derrick Nyeoh

Age: 29

Skin Concern: Acne, Oil Control & Scarring

Derrick suffers from acne due to his oily skin type. We provided him with a regimen to help combat the over production of sebum and control his acne breakouts.

What Did They Use?

Siti Yuliandi

Age: 28, Master Student

Skin Concern: Enlarged Pores & Acne

Siti undergoes a 28 day journey of oil-control, deep pore cleansing and refinement with our Pore Cleansing and Minimizing range of products, along with targeted treatments from our Dermatologist Solutions range.

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Kang Chen Fuan

Age: 33, Graphic Designer

Skin Concern: Aging & Oil Control

Men’s skin skin is naturally thicker and oilier than women’s skin. Chen Fuan tests out our Facial Fuel range of products for men and shares his experience with us.

What Did They Use?

Amalina binti Abdul Halim

Age: 22, Student

Skin Concern: Acne

Amalina struggles mostly with acne skin and scarring. She shares her favourite part of her journey with Kiehl’s along with the results she has witnessed from the 28 day journey.

What Did They Use?